Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Dancing on the edge EPISODE 5

I felt young again for the first time in ages. The dancing was doing more than toning up my body. I felt alive. My husband must have noticed how I had changed. He said I looked 10 years younger since I took up dancing.
Wednesday was coming around so fast these days. I had to see him, and I was always early. Oh how I longed to feel alive and sexy and flirtatious.
I loved dancing on the edge of danger. He made me feel so much more than I could ever imagine. So full and rich and like a velvety wine or an opening bloom burgeoning with perfume.
"Jenny," he said "You look radiant" I could have burst when he said that. My husband had said the very same words before I left home. My husband could see a new woman emerging. Or the old one coming back, sexy, seductive, alive.
"Take me I’m yours," he said to me as I closed the front door. I felt on top of the world.
"Shall we begin?" He grabbed me around the waist and thrust his body next to mine. I had to catch my breath as he took me under his spell. I felt he was dominating my every desire. Reading my thoughts and tearing at my emotions. We danced as one, our movements flowing like ribbons on a stick.
"Excellent Jenny" he praised my fluid movement, and I swooned in his arms. The smile he granted me was seduction at its most. I took that smile to mean the beginning of surrender.
"You have captured my heart" I told him. I wished I could say all that I felt. All that I longed for. All that I desired.
"I am yours," he said seductively. I felt ready to submit, except those words echoed my husband’s words. I saw my husbands face, full of longing and desire.
He took my hand and placed it at the back of his neck, ready for our Tango.
"Ready Jenny, surrender to me" he said and I knew then, I couldn’t. I could see my husband, the way he now desired the sexy flirtatious new me. I felt I wanted him too, the way I used to want him.
I danced the Tango, living the music and moving to the story of the dance. Seduction, rejection, pleading and surrender. Only I didn’t surrender. I broke his spell through my dancing, and we finished.
"Jenny?" he was confused. I knew then that I had made a decision and the change had been noticed.
"Jenny?" he repeated "You were..fantastic. I felt you really lived that Tango." He enthused about my dancing. His magical charm was wearing off. I was charmed for a while, but the real seduction lay ahead, at home.
"Thank you" I told him.
"No thank you Jenny" he replied.
But only I really knew why I was thanking him. He had found the real me for my husband to discover.
"Thank you" I said again

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