Thursday, 26 February 2009

getting noticed.

My podcast about my books which was posted on Pool the radio national web site was picked up by the book show and broadcast.

click on the link or the title.

Letter Vox: chewing through the classics
Kerry Ashwin has made a number of contributions to the Book Show's online project Letter Vox.
Chewing through the classics is one of the audio pieces she has uploaded to Pool, which is Radio National's online social media networking site.
We're inviting listeners and media makers to upload recordings of themselves talking about their book collections. You can do this on your mobile phone, MP3 player or digital recorder. Even though the quality of MP3 recordings isn't as good as what you normally hear on radio, we still want to play them on the Book Show.

. is a link to one of Kerry Ashwin's Letter Vox contributions. You can listen to other contributions here too.
Sarah L'Estrange

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