Tuesday, 26 January 2010

rejection yet again

I submitted to these publishers. this is my reply after only 24 hours.
quick service. Literary Licence is humour and the guidelines below do not mention humour so I took my chances.
Sharon Blackie to me

Dear Kerry – thanks for your enquiry but we don’t publish comedy. What we do publish is outlined in some detail on our website. I wish you all the best with it, though.

With kind regards
Sharon Blackie
Sharon Blackie BA (Hons), MA, PhD
Director, Two Ravens Press Ltd
Green Willow Croft, Rhiroy
Lochbroom, Ullapool IV23 2SF
Tel 01854 655307


The ONLY kinds of books we publish are:
1. High quality contemporary non-genre fiction. Literary, cutting-edge.

We do not publish children's books (including teenage/ 'young adult' or 'crossover' books), romance, chick-lit, westerns, horror, science fiction or fantasy, family sagas, regional sagas, historical sagas or any other kind of sagas. We don't publish genre unless it's cutting-edge literary genre. We want only work that is different and challenging – that takes chances with style, language, narrative ... please look carefully at our 'About Us' page and at our current list to see whether your work would fit before you think about submitting. Around a third to a half of all enquiries we receive relate to work that very clearly doesn't remotely resemble anything that we publish.

OH WELL back to the drawing board.

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  1. What the....? Wouldn't it be easier to say exactly what they want instead of what they don't. Doesn't leave much does it!!
    Never mind KJ...keep at it.


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