Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Literary Licence finally published.

A great day, a grand day.

Well this is my work finally in print.
I went down the Lulu road. If you click on the widget you can buy my (sic) masterpiece manuscript.

I decided to self pub for a number of reasons.
a. after over a year of submissions I felt I had given it a good nudge.
b. I wanted to test the waters for a humorous novel, a trend setter not follower
c. I want to start to sell LL and get on with my new book.
d. I needed a big ego boost. (shallow but true)

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  1. don't quite understand why you have chosen LULU with its limited retail options for self publication when you have smashwords. great cover by the way. Shame its not getting the exposure it deserves because its with LULU.


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