Thursday, 25 August 2011

One book =80 days The Crowing of the Beast/ Synopsis

Well today 25/8/11 my 80 days are over. I have finished it at 73k. Didn't make it to 80k but the book is written. Whew.

Now comes the hard part. Edit, cut, edit, add, test read, edit, cut, edit and so it goes.

I have my synopsis now. THE CROWING OF THE BEAST.

In a world where justice is often denied two Jewish lawyers defend the rights of one man.

Set in Paris, The Crowing of the Beast follows the course set by Nozette and Simeoni as they are thrust into a high profile case to defend Heinz Tag, a Neo-Nazi supporter, of the murder of a Jewish protester. With a backdrop of riots in Paris, Tag has unwittingly become a pawn in a deadly game and he is left to run in the hope of leading the National Anti terrorist Agency (NATA) to the brains behind the brawn.

Amid this set up, Nozette and Simeoni must protect their client and his right to justice. As the stakes are raised by the Neo Nazis and their threats to George and Bernard's families, Tag is duped into becoming the mouthpiece for his mentors. Thrown into the mix are the FFZ, the Freedom Fighters for Zion, who want to stop Tag at any price. That price may include Bernard Simeoni and George Nozette.

George and Bernard race through the streets of Paris in car chases, get interrogated in Israel, miss an assassination attempt in the French alps, bomb an army patrol in Morocco, sail across the Straits of Gibraltar and battle for their lives in this fast paced action thriller.

Just when they think they are safe their client is shot on the steps of the court house, not by the suspected enemy, but by a lone disaffected racist policeman. Now with Tag dead the men must fight for their families before it is too late. The Crowing of the Beast ends only when George Nozette and Bernard Simeoni think the last Neo-Nazi is dead. But is he?

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