Saturday, 10 September 2011

Writing a novel - in 80 days.

How to...
How I did it.
First and for most I had a premise.

Dictionary meaning    -: premise: base something on something. To base something on the foundation of a proposition or idea stated or assumed to be true.
The book has to have an idea. Try to make that idea into a short sharp phrase.
Literary Licence, my humorous novel        .   ..The ego will always win.
The Crowing of the beast, my thriller.            ..Justice will prevail.
The Mask of Deceit, my speculative fiction....knowledge is power
Having this set in stone is a good way to focus your writing. When you finish a chapter, is it true to the premise and does it follow the idea?
Never lose sight of the idea. Pin it up in front of your work station. Keep it in your mind as you write.
The premise will help you write your synopsis because it will focus the words and explain the why?
Why does the character do that
Why would he choose that path...etc.

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