Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A shilling on the bar

This is my work in progress. A collection of short stories told in a literary fashion with one author. If it all goes according to plan the stories will be serialised for purchase.

There are some stories that pass the test of time. Some stories that linger on the air as a memory and yet others that should be forgotten. A Shilling on the Bar is a collection of tales, lies and legends that have been collected by Trododniak Weatherness, Senior Magistrate as he travelled his circuit in far North Queensland.
Ghost stories and mysteries of the outback mingle with every human emotion.  Stories of relationships and romance which  lead to their inevitable conclusions from jealousy, murder, unrequited love and more. Told with an eye for detail these tales bring the lives within these pages into sharp focus.

 The mango winds, the impending wet, the relentless heat are cruel masters to grip the fate of those lives within these pages.
What is fact and what is fiction is for the reader to decide. As the story teller my job is done.
T. Weatherness.

Archer Frankston
Bruno Cavello
Lola & Stanley Pinks
Rufus Mcfadden
Seymour Ham
Miss Willmott & Mr Crick
Edward Addison
Martin Swinburne
Flora Rhinehart
Dolly & Harold Lancome
Capt Erik Van Bootman
Mr. Lionel Arkwright
Albert Throckton & friend

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