Monday, 5 November 2012

The Reluctant Messiah Novel by Christmas...excerpt.

This is from chapter 7. Douglas Doolan II is a fading Hollywood heart throb who is past his use by date.

...He turned off the television and slumped down in his easy chair and thought of James Caldecott, a nobody, a person with a couple of miracles up his sleeve, a person who lived in the suburbs getting all the attention.
"Be nice," he spat. "ppffffh." Doolan wallowed for a bit then the beetroot juice kicked in and he frowned. 
He sat and thought a bit more. He twisted his lips into a grin of sorts. If the director has seen it he might well have called cut and put that take on the cutting room floor. Douglas Doolan II had a ugly sneer even seen from his best side.
"If the mountain won't come to Mozambique then Mohammad will go to the mountain." Douglas Doolan II might have been a great actor in his day, but his general knowledge was a shocker and his attempts at metaphor and simile even worse

..."Mr Doolan, if we could just get a photograph?" Ruth butted in. At the mere mention of a photograph Doolan bucked up and once more sucked in his gut. Like the hair shampoo ad, it didn't happen overnight, but it did happen. His stomach seemed to have a life of its own and you can only suck so much before the gravitation pull and physics have a way of levelling life's excesses. He gave it his best shot then flashed a smile. Scotty moved in and took one shot.
"Only one?"
"Are you sure?"
Doolan deflated like painted reed frog who had to stay at home because of a sore throat.

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