Friday, 30 August 2013

navel gazing

I have stopped gazing at my statistics, looking to see who is looking at me and generally taken a more lackadaisical attitude. I just want to share the luuuuuvve and write.
 I have a few projects to finish and start and worrying about my ability to attract readers is just taking too much of my time.
How much time should a writer spend on the other aspects of being a writer. Build an audience? Take a look at this essay.
My routine now is to write every night and when I have reached my word count or goal ie end of chapter or plot point I give myself 15 minutes to do the internet thing. It is a break, a short snack of looking, but then I am done and turn off.
I follow blogs and FB posts which interest me and so get a good all round overview in 15 minutes.
Life is more than check, check, check to see if something happened while you were out of the room.

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