Friday, 14 February 2014

A great rejection from Threepenny review.

Dear Hettie,

I have considered this story very carefully and taken much longer than I usually take with it, because it is so much better than most of what we received -- a powerful voice, created with full authority, and interesting from the first sentence to the last.  But for some reason, in my numerous re-readings, it just never added up to a Threepenny story, so I am regretfully turning it down, in the certainty that you will find a good home for it elsewhere.  I hope you will send us more of your fine work; it is great to be hearing from a REAL writer who lives so far away.

All best,

Wendy Lesser, The Threepenny Review

This is on their submissions page. ...You will get an email message when the online submission is received, and another email message when it is decided upon. Due to the large number of online submissions, it is not possible for us to reply individually to each one. We apologize in advance for the auto-replies.
so did I get an individual reply or not? no matter...I love it. 
Here is there submission call out on writing career.

I must give them another go.

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