Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Remember chain letters. Well this is sort of the same only in cyber space.

Thanks to fellow author and blogger Jackie Parry

who invited me to join this blog tour. I have to answer four questions posed by her, and tag  more writers to answer the same questions on their blog or FB page.

What are you working on?
I am writing a Romantic comedy right now. It is half was finished and it is a new experience to write romance albeit in the humorous vein. "Barney's Test" 
When Barney Vokes comes up to bat in the game of love he finds that there are a few googlies coming his way. Two women, a bit of miscommunication and a chance to play with the Australian Cricket team in a charity match all have Barney on the hop.
When Barney wins a competition to play a charity match, he finds he really has talent. His love life blooms as his notoriety skyrockets, but there are a few lessons to learn along the way. Humility, hubris and hand/eye co-ordination all play a part in being the man of the match. What he thinks he wants, what he really wants and what he eventually gets sees Barney, the hopeless romantic, discover that love is a bit more complicated than cricket.

How does your work feel different to others in its genre?
I guess the trick is to be the same, but different. In Barney the protagonist is male and most other romances are female. Also it plays out like a situation comedy, something I love to write, so there is a lot of word play and physical humour. I have called it a rom com because it has all the elements of that genre, but it is plain and simple comedy too.

Why do you write what you do?
Comedy is my thing. I love to be able to laugh out loud when reading a book and the deliciousness of the joke is wonderful. To make entertainment 'fun' is my goal and having people say they were laughing is what makes it all worth while. I write a humour column for the local paper and seeing the absurd in the everyday...well there is enough material for this and the next lifetime. I love to laugh.

How does your writing process work?
I write as and when I can. That is usually every night without fail for an hour or so or more if I am on a role. This is the only way to get things done. When you have a dozen projects running around in your head, the only way to see them all come to life is to knuckle down.
I have a note book with me where ever I go and jot things down. I write with a pencil and book if I am thinking about a scene then write it up at night and that gets me in the 'zone'. I have trained myself to zone out and into writing where ever I am so I don't waste time thinking about it. It works for me!

I have tagged Nikesh Murali. A Writing buddy from my Townsville days who has a prodigious talent and a wonderful way with words. He writes children's books under his own name, fantasy under the name Bhavana Murali, and literary fiction & erotica & crime fiction as N. Murali.
Roni Askey-Doran lives in Ecuador and is one of those women who manage to do more than a dozen things at a time. She writes, she cooks bananas, she takes chocolate classes and she built her own house. What a woman, what a lifestyle.

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