Tuesday, 23 September 2014

10 questions and comments an author gets asked

talking to the public I get a lot of questions and comments . Here are the top ten about writing.

1. Someone said I should write a book about my life. (you and a million others!)
2. I'd love to write a book. How do I start? (Have you got a spare year up your sleeve?)
3. I've written a book. How do you get a publisher? (try researching it and do you know what a query letter looks like?)
4. Where do you get your ideas? (the world)
5. You are so lucky to get them published. ( yeah right)
6. I guess these must be self published. (So what are you really saying?)
7.Which is your favourite? (my first baby Literary Licence)
8. Will you write my life story for me? (I don't have the time, sorry)
9. How long does it take to write a book? (How long is a piece of string. probably a year.)
10. So did you write all of these books? (Yep.)

And some of the more WT* questions.
1. How much money do you make?
2. How much does it cost to print a book?
3. Did your husband let you write these?
4. What would you make in a year selling books?

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