Thursday, 22 January 2015

Barney's test in the paper.

The Port Douglas and Mossman Gazette have a small piece about the launch of Barney's test.

Our very own columnist Hettie Ashwin has penned another novel. Her signature humour shines through with this romantic comedy about Barney Vokes the hopeless romantic as he comes up to bat in the game of love.
Hettie said she had always wanted to have a go at a romantic comedy as they are one of her favourite movie genres. Hettie has written 7 other novels covering thrillers, Science Fiction and short stories, but humour is her favourite genre.
 The novel centres on Barney Vokes and his quest to find love. Humility, hubris and hand/eye co-ordination all play a part in being the man of the match. What he thinks he wants, what he really wants and what he eventually discovers is that love is a bit more complicated than cricket.
Helene Young, multi award winning romance writer summed up the book.
Hettie Ashwin’s new release is a wry look at life in a small country town where the measure of a man can be found in the way he performs on the cricket pitch. You won’t need to be a sports fan to appreciate Barney Vokes, the man of the moment, and his obsession with the willow and the leather.
Ashwin’s trademark humour will have you cheering on the hapless Barney as he pursues the love of his life, finding along the way that sometimes what you wish for is a very dangerous thing.
With a colourful cast of characters, including an extended Greek family, BARNEY’S TEST, captivated me from the painful opening scene to the rollicking ending when Barney’s perseverance pays off – although not necessarily in the way I expected!

If you want to buy a copy see Hettie at the Port Douglas Sunday Markets or just go online. You wont’ be disappointed.

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