Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The nicest letter from a reader for The Reluctant Messiah

Hi Hettie,

My wife(Jodie) and I met you and your husband(so sorry I do not recall his name)​ at the Port Douglas Markets on Sunday May 31. We are from Adelaide. We chatted for a bit and we bought 

The most unfortunate thing reading your novel is that -- I had to put down to eat meals, sleep, drive etc etc !!!

What a fabulous 'read'!!  Thank you so much.  inspirational, funny, quirky, intelligent and so muchbehind the story -- the dynamics of media, populas mentality, the hysteria of 'contagion', personal interactions, and the simple message of J.C. (the first one) re-written in modern times --- as if the story itself was not enough.

It is so well written and the story so mesmerising.

Thank you.   Thoroughly enjoyed.

I trust your sail to France and to your home is made with great joy and safety.

Kind regards,


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