Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Book styling or my word you have a big one!

I went to the free shelf today and picked up some books,
*The hundred year old man who jumped out of the window and disappeared. Jonas Jonasson
*The Dressmaker Rosalie Ham
*My life in Ruins. Adam Ford = this one was in the ABC shop which is closing down and everything 50% off.
I have some interesting reading ahead. 
I just need to finish The Luminaries E Catton. I'm over half way and getting bogged. I might need to put it away for a bit.

What interests me with these books is their styling. 

They are big airport size books. They have 1.5ish line spacing and look to me to be trying to be bigger than they really are. Why do we need to make books big when we are trying to conserve resources. How about a small Penguin classic size to save on all that paper, printing costs etc. I make my books fit in a brown paper bag with easy white paper and 12 font. People appreciate they can carry them around in their handbag, on-board luggage etc without too much effort.

And there is a lot of empty space in these books. empty pages, pages that are wasted. Why repeat the title page? Why have a blank page between the chapters? These days it all adds up to weight and waste.

I think I will call my books ....carry on size. Light, compact, easy to read, easy to stow in your carry on luggage.

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