Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Q and- are you even listening to me.

I sell my books at the market and meet some amazing people. I also meet the public.

I ask
Do you like reading books?
What sort because I have thrillers, humorous novels and Australian short stories on offer.
cstomer: Oh.
All written by me.
customer: so, did you write all these?
customer: Are you Hettie Ashwin?  (this despite my name being on all the books)
customer: Oh. I don't read books.

I ask
Do you like reading?
customer: what a silly question, of course I do.

I ask
Do you enjoy books?
customer: yes.
I have thrillers, humorous novels and Australian short stories.
customer: how long does it take you to write a book?
About a year.
customer; so you wrote these in a year?
No, I write one book a year.
customer: so you wrote 10 books in a year. WoW.

I ask
Do you like a good book?
I wrote all these. I have thrillers, humorous and Australian short stories.
customer:Do you have any australian stories.
Yes I have these Australian short stories.
customer: Are they Australian?

I wrote all these
customer: you must be prolific.
customer: I've never met a live author before.
How many dead ones have you met?
customer: huh?

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