Thursday, 7 May 2020

Box sets.

Look at these lovelies. Three stories in one place. Laugh yourself silly .

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

sneaky peak

These little beauties are my ALL NEW  covers for my POCKET EDITIONS
My little books are just 178mm high. Pocket size. 

I am channelling the old penguin classic books of orange and white.

 I think I'm in love with these. 
All my 17 novels will be in the new format as well as the original versions with those colourful pictures. 
Wait for it tiger... coming soon to a BOOKSHOP near you

Saturday, 4 April 2020

here and here.

If you are here from a click. look above for the tab, things to buy.
books, t-shirts, bags. It's all here.  Humour is my genre.

stay a while.
put your feet up and contemplate supporting an author. Buy a book, leave a comment, laugh a little.

A new me.

I've finally decided to get a FACEBOOK page. I've had a personal fb for ages, but now I've gone and done it.

You will find me at

or just Hettie Ashwin

There will be FUN.
There will be give aways, freebies from time to time, and lots of bookish related stuff.
Join me for a laugh.
Join me for something for nothing.

Alacrity? brisk and cheerful readiness... that's me.!
vivacity. pfft. need you ask?

I'd rather glue me nut sack to a bullet train.

This novel is a fun look at the Aussie outback and the characters that reside there. The pub, the bush and a trip to the big smoke. It all adds up to a bloody good time.
I had fun writing this one.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Pi Book 2

 Book two of my trilogy contains many references to maths, fractals and the meaning of nature. It also has motorbike chases, politics, and a world heading for chaos.
A book of  magnitude that will make you think...I wonder if this could happen here, now?

What would a world look like if it was falling apart? People against the only thing that can sustain order. The natural law of survival will be the only thing that can stop the inevitable entropy.