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The Sequel to Boat to Baguette.        
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I loved this book! Could hardly put it down. The story is about a retired couple who move to France. They buy and house and fix it up, plus travel all over France. I was green with envy at all the fun they had. Highly recommend it if you like reading about France.                     

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This novella series goes straight to the heart. What an amazing read these little books are. Ashwin has set the bar with her novellas on decisions, big decisions.
M Moody





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- 'In Hettie Ashwin's 'I'd Rather Glue my Nut Sack to a Bullet Train' good old 'Ozzie' humour has returned to our pages in all its irreverent glory!'
This book was really entertaining. The dialogue and situations were a hoot. The characters were different and engaging. The only constant was the beer. It's a real fun read.

A nice, very humorous look into life in the outback of Straya. The language will be familiar to anyone who has read about or watched movies about life in Australia, but some of the more subtle nuances take longer to catch. If you live in, or love true rural America, this book will give you the knowledge to understand that real people are the same around the world. It's a rippa!


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This was great. I love the characters. Keep writing Hettie.
S Brown
I must tell you how much I enjoyed your book. My husband heard me laughing hilariously and now he's reading it too.
A Hammon


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I truly enjoyed living the adventure along with the Ashwins in this well written book. The pages flipped easily, laughs were spontaneous, and once again my husband asked to read the book when I was done. Jackie R

I didn't know you were so funny. Marg P

Oh Hettie Ashwin what a read. Sitting in my daughter's lounge in front of the heater, I'm still reading "Boat to Baguette" laughing uproariously, my daughter awakes and thinks I've finally cracked. No! Hettie I DO NOT like the rain. I urge any of my friends who love a great read to check out Hettie's page and buy a book. The one I'm reading is truly wonderful. Thank you Hettie. C. Denton

Hi Hettie, just finished "Fat Bits" and "Boat to Baguette" absolutely loved them. You had me crying with laughter in both. Capt G
For what it is worth I loved the book, laughed out loud and recommended it friends; G Fitch
I thoroughly enjoyed it; M Elliott


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Rosanne: Best purchase ever!!!!!

SV Matilda : I bought it today ,,,its so funny.

 AJ :Just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed reading Fat Bits recently. As a generously proportioned woman I could identify with Evelyn and I thought the book was a great, naughty, humorous romp. Exactly what I needed at the time. The turd in the dinghy cracked me up!

George: It was the funniest book I have ever read. I laughed out loud so many times. 
Erica; Read it, loved it. Can't help feeling sympathy for Evelyn in her desperate search for 'the right one'. Great characters and laugh aloud humour.
Haven’t laughed so hard since my first divorce! The author certainly has a way with funny sayings and hilarious outcomes! We all need a great laugh occasionally and I got enough reading this to last me a long time! Dusty.
Hillary: Hillarious. I was crying from laughing. I loved it. More please


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Marmalade is a pig. She really is a 300 kg pet with a proud, eccentric owner Mona. The story starts with Mona scheming to make desperately needed money selling truffles, that her pet pig would discover from oak trees bordering her property. Mix that with Rex, grumpy old neighbour with generations-old rift about the ownership of the trees, publicity-hungry archaeologist digging the property and you have a story that keeps you awake at night until the last page is turned.
Recommended reading! Erja Scott.

Linden A Martin I'm a grown man. I must not cry. Even when laughing. Sooooo funny I can picture myself in this book being Tasmanian and all.

I usually have several books on the go at any one time, but rarely finish any. They are usually boring books about the global financial crisis or the changes in social attitudes that are sending us to hell in a hand basket.

I read your book over the past 2 days and couldn’t put it down. I loved the great story line and the happy endings.

So I'm at the market and a man comes up and rubs my arm, shakes my hand and says he just thought The Truffle War was amazing and I have a great talent. Keep talking...I could get used to this,I said.


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from Helene Young multi award-winning adventure romance writer: I loved it!
Hettie Ashwin’s new release is a wry look at life in a small country town where the measure of a man can be found in the way he performs on the cricket pitch. You won’t need to be a sports fan to appreciate Barney Vokes, the man of the moment, and his obsession with the willow and the leather.
Ashwin’s trademark humour will have you cheering on the hapless Barney as he pursues the love of his life, finding along the way that sometimes what you wish for is a very dangerous thing.

With a colourful cast of characters, including an extended Greek family, BARNEY’S TEST, captivated me from the painful opening scene to the rollicking ending when Barney’s perseverance pays off – although not necessarily in the way I expected!
And one from my readers.
OMG, I laughed at Barney.. It was a great story . Linda W.
This is a great read. It captured the small town mentality exactly. So real I felt I lived there. Brian M.
Thank you so much for the wonderful book Barney's test, which we bought from you at the Port Douglas Markets. My husband absolutely loved it and couldn't put it down. As a mad cricketer and both of us are country people there was a lot to relate to in this book. Thank you again. Ian and Bronwyn Falconer, Bunbury WA


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Great descriptions, engaging characters. The laugh out loud humour had me crying a times and turning the pages to see what happened next. Anyone who's owned a boat or dreamed of owning a boat needs to read it!' Capt G.
Very funny. Loved it.  Janet 
Wife: He read your book in one night.
Husband: I started at 3pm and didn't put it down until 3am when I'd finished it. 
                                                       Wife: He was rapped.
                                                       Husband: Great read.

Just wanted to let you know I laughed out loud so many times over this - reading passages out to my husband to explain my continuous shrieking and giggling.  It is ideal holiday reading.
I loved your Mr Tripp book Hettie.

I'm reading WWSA member Hettie Ashwin's book at the moment. It's really funny! Full of situations and people I'm sure most of us could relate to! Really enjoying it 
 Love it, and my husband did as well.
Just finished the wonderful book "Mr Tripp buys a Lifestyle" by group member Hettie Ashwin - read it on my kindle and loved it. Funny and very entertaining, thanks Hettie.
Shelley Wright : Loved this book


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Read "The Crowing of the Beast" in two days. Great ocean liner reading.

This is a fabulous read. I was hooked.
It's a really well written thriller. It makes you think that it could all happen.
I loved your book The Crowing of The Beast.
 I couldn't put it down. was great read that keep me hooked the whole way through. Dean

Bought your book at the market yesterday,couldn't put it down.
What a great read,kept me guessing until the end.
                                                       Keep up the the thrillers,         Peter.                                                                                                                                                    


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Review: I find this book utterly relatable and realistic. Kudos to the author for bringing up such a perfect blend of fiction and reality. A good read for all the fiction lovers in general.      
This only landed in my review pile less than 24 hours ago and from the very start the concept had me intrigued. I didn't so much read this as devour it.   
 Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed both of them.
Probably my last reading of a fiction novel was over 40 years ago, because it is not my preferred kind of books, but I must say that with The Mask of Deceit  you trapped me with all the different moments of suspense.    



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"Great book I'm loving it" Tanya Morris.
"Wonderful characters." George
 I have just finished A Shilling on the Bar and enjoyed it very much so I wanted to say a quick thanks for writing it. We bought it from you at Port Douglas market a two or three weeks ago. I will pass it on to the my father in law whom I know will also enjoy it.
Best regards,-Ivan  
This is a fantastic read. I was so engrossed with the stories. Thanks.
The style of writing is unique and clever. Some of the sentences made me burst out laughing. I bought the book while on vacation in Queensland and hoped it would hold my interest. It's one I would recommend over and over again and I will buy more by this author. I laughed and laughed and now my husband is doing the same.: Jackie Ryan                           


                                                          LITERARY LICENCE from Amazon here 
 Buy a kindle edition Literary Licence buy Amazon paperback  HERE
Review“Literary Licence is a great read, good plot, humorous and wonderfully descriptive. You can visualise each funny situation and find yourself laughing out loud ~ Barb Coleman

I really enjoyed this fun, fast-paced read. The brilliant, bumbling characters kept me engaged and guessing. Amazon.

As for Literary Licence, the story is also quite creative and interesting. , the story kept my attention up to the end.

By the way, I have begun reading your book, and I am rather enjoying it. ..Alex


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"Just finished your book and I found it so interesting. It was a great read" Sheila
"Very clever." Annie
Loved it. Every bit of it.


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Grade: A After so long a different story to read! Moreover, a very interesting one too, may I add. Though it doesn't have any love-romance angle, no goosebumps mystery, and is just plain and simple, yet it is still extremely addictive. The book offers much more than the blurb suggests. ~read

It is an enlightening read. Once the book ends, the readers are left with a smile on their faces and that is one great achievement for the writer. Vanya's Notebook
       I just finished your book and I wanted to tell you that it was magnificent. Your writing style is very, very good and the story was, to coin a popular phrase, very 'nice.' With the 'proper' marketing and/or exposure, this book could be a best seller. I'm not kidding.
Best of luck, and keep writing!
Brian Fox

What a fabulous 'read'!!  Thank you so much.  inspirational, funny, quirky, intelligent and so much behind the story -- the dynamics of media, populous mentality, the hysteria of 'contagion', personal interactions, and the simple message of J.C. (the first one) re-written in modern times --- as if the story itself was not enough.

It is so well written and the story so mesmerizing.

Thank you.   Thoroughly enjoyed.