Saturday, 26 February 2022

new box set: A Strange Kind of Paradise

Box set 

My new box set is out and about. A Strange Kind of Paradise. 5 novellas in the one place
If you love me


For Better or Worse

A better life

A life worth Living


Facebook and me

 I've been monumentally hacked on my Facebook account.

So now is the time to call it a day. Mr Zuckerberg and I will part ways. I've had my account for yonks, but no longer.

On a  happier note. My new comedy is out 1st March.  A Fate Worse than Death

Set in the 50s I took inspiration from these pictures and more. 

The pocket. edition is available everywhere

Monday, 24 January 2022

Box sets. 1-2-3



5 novella box set

If you want all the Paradise series in one handy place, the box set will be 

5 novellas about decisions, big decisions. 
If you love me

For Better or worse
A better life
A Life worth living