Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Dancing on the edge EPISODE 2

Every Wednesday I could see him, I thought. And 2 hours of Latin American on a Friday. I rang him on Monday just to see if I could enroll. He told me to come over to discuss it. I was in a quandary then. What to wear. I wanted to look casual and definitely not like a house wife. I think I got it just right by the look he gave me.
"Sit down" he said. I went to sit on the office chair.
"No, next to me" he indicated the two seater near the coffee table.
"So we can see the brochure together" You don’t have to ask me twice, and I slid up next to him. He had a cute little bead of sweat on his upper lip. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. As he explained twelve weeks of lessons with the option of another six weeks. That little bead of sweat didn’t move on his lip. His full moist lips.
"I am right behind you on this" he crooned. If only I thought. Then he took my arm.
"You know you have talent. You are one of my best students" I thought he was undressing me with his eyes. I was glad I picked the spring dress with the v neck and delicate daisies.
"If you look here you can see it’s a simple contract Mrs. Forbes"
"Call me Jenny" I managed to croak.
"Jenny" he said and it sounded so melodic when he said it. He still had hold of my arm and he slipped his hand down to mine.
"I know you will do well Mrs. Forbes…Jenny" he corrected himself
"You seem to enjoy it so much" Oh if only he knew how much.
‘Just sign here" he added. Our faces were inches away as we bent over the contract. I could hear him breathing. I turned my face and he was looking in my eyes. I looked down and signed.
"All done. Thanks" He stood up and helped me up with the pull, turn, flourish move and we both laughed. He was walking me to he door. So close yet I didn’t take what I felt now was mine.
"At the door he grabbed my hand and kissed it. Oh I could have ripped his clothes off then, and to hell with tuna bake for tea. He didn’t let go of my hand. I had my chance and I gave him a peck on the cheek. All breezy I thought, casual, not too demanding, yet saying something. He blushed and I knew he enjoyed it. I certainly did.
"Well I will see you on Wednesday" and the way he said it I thought he was looking forward to Wednesday too. In the car park I looked up and he was at the window looking at me. I waved nonchalantly and got in my car. Now I knew it was on. I was almost sure., It got all less likely as I drove ever nearer to home.

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