Thursday, 1 November 2007

Dancing on the edge EPISODE 3

I had paid for a manicure to try to get my hands in shape. Wednesday didn’t come around soon enough. I arrived too early, and I didn’t want to look too keen. Best not to run into another mans arms. Seduce the man first, then surrender.
I waited in the car park looking up at the window. I didn’t see any movements so I decided to go up.
"Hello" he said, "My last student cancelled so we can start straight away if you like?" You bet I thought. I couldn’t get my shoes on fast enough.
"It is so nice to see you Jenny" He was using my name I thought, a good sign. "You look wonderful today" Turning on the charm and it was working. I felt about twenty years old.
‘Lets start with Tango today ok"
"I love the Tango," I said, At this point I loved everything. He held me tight for the beginning, breathing on me. I was wilting. His eyes were burning into mine. I moved my face even closer my eyelashes brushed against his cheek. The music started and he pulled me close as we moved across the floor. I felt like we were having sex right there on the dance floor. His moves were so seductive. He flung me and recaptured me. I was totally under his spell. I moved my hips and gyrated across his flank. He let me go and I danced back to his grasp ending in total capitulation. The music stopped and I remained frozen in his embrace.
"Well done Jenny, You are so seductive in the Tango"
"I try," I said, kicking myself that I didn’t say more. We broke the moment and I adjusted my dress.
"You really are very good at seducing women like that" I told him. I felt brave then and said "You certainly seduced me"
"Then it is working," he said and I took that to mean he wanted me. I could have said "Take me I’m yours" but I didn’t.
"Next dance Jenny, and lets get it as hot as the last one" he was playing with me I thought. I danced up a fury and we dueled across the floor like enemies. I whirled around him throwing myself into the dance. He flung me about and then grabbed me, dominating my moves. We fought on the dance floor for the right to refuse. He spurned my moves and I won him back with my body. I felt we were having our affair on the first floor of the West Enfield dancing studio. The music stopped and our sweaty bodies clung to each other, not willing to give up the moment this time.
He righted me and kissed my hand.
"I have fallen for you Jenny," he said. "You are a wonderment to me" I didn’t know if it was a complement, but I took it all the same.
The only words I really heard were ‘fallen for me’. I felt I could make a move now.

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