Monday, 5 November 2007

Dancing on the edge EPISODE 4

On the Thursday I drove past the dancing studio on the off chance of seeing him. I felt like a school girl hanging around. I went to the dancing designers costume shop in the high street. I needed something suitable for my first Latin American. I wanted to pick something he would like.. I needed sophistication and sex appeal. I tried to imagine how I would get it off if the need arose. Then I realised I was day dreaming. Anyway he would be the one undoing the zip, not me.
"This one would suit Madam," the shop assistant said. It was more than I planned to spend but my man was worth it I convinced myself. My man. I thought it sounded strange. I had been used to saying my husband, my children, my home and my parents, but now I was contemplating seduction of ‘my man’. The dress was perfect. Fisty, flamboyant, and above all sexy. It showed a little too much cleavage than I had been used to but I felt about 25 years old so I paid.
I swung by the studio on the way home, but I didn’t see anything.
Friday, and I arrived early again. I wore my dress under my coat, little flashes of blue dancing around my knees when I walked. I climbed the stairs and couldn’t hear any music, so I went in.
He was there, in the arms of another women. They were in a passionate embrace, kissing. I knew they hadn’t seen me and as I turned to leave I caught a look at the 45 year old woman in a trench coat with pale blue dress hanging out the bottom. Pathetic I thought.
I wanted to leave then, but I had signed up for twelve weeks. How could I have been so stupid as to fall for my dancing instructor. I sat on the two seater trying to remember his breath on my face when I signed.. I should have kicked myself a long time ago I thought.
The door opened and they came out. She was much younger than me, and very pretty. Long blonde hair, legs up to her armpits and pert breasts. I pulled my coat over my sagging specimens feeling totally inadequate.
"Jenny, lovely to see you, come on in and lets get cracking" he said all cheery
I hoisted my excuse for a body off the two seater and followed him inside.
"I’ll take your coat" he said as he went round behind me and slipped it off my shoulders.
"Oh, how amazing you look" Yeh for an old hag I said to myself.
"That dress is spectacular, I must tell my last student about it. She is rehearsing for a play and needs something like that."
"Rehearsing?" I asked.
"Yes, she needed some work on her dip and kiss for the love scene. I was helping her"
"Some work on her dip and kiss," I reiterated. I felt like dancing.

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