Tuesday, 20 November 2007


As I think about the question, the answer comes from two camps.
If you are of the male persuasion the answer is obvious. A chef is usually male and he doesn’t do the washing up. He has flair and expertise and does things with food a cook wouldn’t think of doing. A chef entertains the client, a cook feeds them.
If you are a female and think about a chef, they are the ones that have the flair and expertise to get out of doing the washing up.
The words chef and cook can be transposed into many a vocation and occupation. Take for instance the simple words of husband and wife.
The husband does things quite differently to a wife. He has the bright ideas and she cleans up after him. He has the grandiose plans and she cleans up after him. His ideas are the ones that will make a big difference to her lot in life. She will work around him till he gets the next plan.
The wife has a different view of the world. She knows how to work behind the scenes to get the job done, (get her own way). She has the canny knack of nagging in 4 different languages to get the job done (her way). She keeps a semblance of sanity into the grand plan. She has the ideas that have the less than practical twist, and then knows how to get off the hook when it goes wrong.
Together they make a perfect team. Like a cook and a chef, they both have a role to play. The chef wears the big hat and is all up front. He has the skills to pass it off and thrives on praise. The cook goes about the business of doing for the multitude and seeks small or no recognition. They just get on with it. She wears a much smaller hat.
One could in theory survive without the other, but I truly doubt whether life would be half as much fun. And besides, who would do the washing up?

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