Thursday, 8 November 2007


"I haven’t slept a wink since you left, my whole body aches for you to be by my side." Boomer read the words with emotion, and caught the attention of Halfback who was shoveling the rubbish from the tray of the council truck to let it fall at the tip face.
"Go on" Halfback said as he leaned on his shovel. Boomer smoothed out the letter on his orange safety vest and continued,
"That last night together was magical, I wish it could be like that always."
Ronnie came over to the truck taking off his gloves, and blew Boomer a kiss.
"Oh darlin’," he said taking up the tone of the letter "I love you" The three men laughed then Halfback said "C’mon Boomer what next?"
"I know darling you can’t come back, I realize that now, but every moment I can’t see you I feel so alone"
Ronnie sat on the mudguard of the 3 tonner, brushed a few flies away, and asked Boomer to continue,
"When you told me last night that we had to end, I knew then I loved you even more. The sacrifice you made to see me…"
"What sacrifice?" Halfback asked.
"I dunno," Boomer said "The letter must have 2 pages"
"Wherejagetit from?" Ronnie said jumping down off his perch.
The 3 men went over to the rubbish heap and tentatively shuffled plastic bags and cardboard out of the way with their feet.
"Got it," Boomer said holding a sheaf of papers aloft.
He smoothed out the remaining sheets and gave a page to each of his mates.
"Where were we?" Halfback asked, and Boomer read the last line of the first page,
"The sacrifice you made to see me," Ronnie carried on – "Only shows me how much you care for me. You know I will always love you darling"
"Wotdayareckon?" Ronnie asked, "is he married?"
"Yeh, I reckon she’s the mistress and the wife found out," Boomer said.
"I will try to understand your feelings, I think I do already. Even though we only spent 1 day together every month, I know that you were totally devoted to me in those moments"
"One day a month! If he’s having it off, then he would have been goin’ over when- ever he could I bet" Boomer said, thinking it through.
Ronnie read on.
"Now you’re gone I can only…" Ronnie looked up at the men saying "Whose got the next page?"
"Here it is" Halfback held it tight. He wasn’t too clever at reading aloud so he went slow,
"dream of the next time we will be together, maybe seren, seren,…Hey, what’s this word Boomer?" Halfback pointed at the writing.
"Maybe serendipity will bring us together again"
"What’s that?"
"It’s when you’re looking for something and you find something else instead" Boomer explained.
"Like goin’ to the dunny and no paper so you use the magazine instead"
"Something like that" Boomer said.
"So wotdayareckon he’s looking for?" Ronnie questioned.
"She sounds weird, I reckon he’s had enough and gone for good" Half back said, then added "Here you read the rest Boomer"
"Ps. The doctor says I have only a short time left, all I can hope is that you have no regrets about our time together. I don’t."
"She’s dying, isn’t she?" Halfback asked quietly.
"Sounds like it, dunit" Ronnie answered shuffling his feet.
"I forgive you everything, you know that, and I will love you till I die"
"Crickey, she’s dyin’ and he’s leaving her. He’s a scumbag I reckon. I wouldn’t leave her. I’d look after her" Halfback was sure of his feelings.
Boomer continued as the men listened.
"Love is for ever, remember me won’t you"
"After all she’s been through, he’s doin’ the dirty on her. Jeez if I could just get my hands on that mongrel…" Ronnie was mad and itching for a fight.
"All my undying love." Boomer paused then finished with, "Sandy"
"Are you cryin’ Boomer?" Halfback asked.
"Nah, it’s this stinkin’ dust, It just gets in me eyes, that’s all"

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