Monday, 4 February 2008

the intermission.

...............I must have done something right because Thomas and I were going on a date.
It just sort of happened that he asked me out. On Friday at lunch time the gang were all together as usual, mucking about. Sue and Rob were telling everyone what they were doing on the weekend. Pamela, my best friend knew I had a crush on Thomas and she started prodding me to make a move. There was a bit of goading from my girlfriends and his mates were shoving him. And then he sort of asked me.
So now we were to meet at the cinema on Saturday. Every time I went to the pictures
previously my Mum would drop me off and pick me up. Now I was going on my own. I
didn’t let on to mum that I was on an official date, I made up a story of girlfriends and
shopping. I had to catch the train into town and walk down the mall to the cinema.
As I sat on the train a moment of panic crept into my thoughts. Who pays for what? I had
brought enough money to get all my own stuff, but I didn’t know what I was s’posed to
pay for and what Thomas was s’posed to cough up. I ran through a few scenarios in my
mind and tried out a few phrases, rehearsing for the 2.15 matinee of Star Wars.
As it turned out Thomas was waiting on the other side of the barrier, having already
bought his ticket. I saw him before he glanced in my direction, and I waved to catch his
attention. He gave a slight nod to indicate he had seen me and so I went to buy my ticket.
When I turned back, ticket in hand he was gone, so I went up the steps to find him. I was
right inside the theatre before I saw him. He explained that he wanted to grab the good
seats at the back and so that was why he went on ahead. We settled down in the back row
right in the corner. I didn’t mind where we sat because I was with Thomas. There was
about 10 minutes till the movie so I took in the rich opulent surroundings. The gilded
columns, the red draped curtain across the screen and the little blue lights to light the isle.
It all seemed a bit more opulent being here with Thomas. We didn’t speak, I felt we
didn’t need to, just being together was enough. I looked at him fumbling with his fantales
packet and lent over to squeeze his hand. He let go of his lollies and grabbed my hand. I
was glad the lights were dimming to hide my blush.
First there were the new movie trailers, all loud and action packed. Then came 2 bugs
bunny cartoons. The Road Runner and Elmer Fudd. I don’t remember the next short film
because our lips were locked in combat. Our eyes never opened, (well mine didn’t) as the
film and music washed over us. Somewhere along the way we were getting heated and
took our jackets off. Thomas started kissing me again; only he started his hands roaming
All these questions were running through my head. Should I let him? How far, and for
how long? What about my friends at school? Would he tell everyone if I didn’t go along
with it? At the moment only our lips were naked. Next he put his hand to my breast
through my T-shirt.
Then it became a game. How much to I let him get away with? Where is the fine line
between demure and tease? We all knew the story of the girl who teases. Tease, and you
might as well hang up your dating shoes and take up crochet.
Now he was rubbing my leg. I became tense and all the while we were kissing. Then he
went for my final frontier with the elastic force field. I said no. He gave the force field
one more try and then sat back.
The curtain came down for intermission. The curtain came down for me as well. Thomas
went for choc-ices and I waited.
Intermission was over and so was I, it seemed.

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