Friday, 26 February 2010


I submitted a short story to Harvest Magazine. They were generous enough to provide feedback on my rejection.Nice one and thanks.

Hi there Kerry

Thanks for submitting 'Kaleidescope' to harvest. While we enjoyed reading it, unfortunately on this occasion it wasn't selected for inclusion in issue #5. We received a record number of submissions this time around, and unfortunately that meant we had to make some tough choices... and it has taken us awhile.

Here's a little feedback on your piece:
We think you've made terrific use of historical details to give the piece an evocative setting and a strong sense of authenticity. The prose throughout is peppered throughout with some lovely imagery. However, we did wonder if you could have made more of the kaleidoscope motif throughout - it's such a powerful image, with lots to unpack and expand on. We think with a little redrafting you could bring this work to its fullest potential.

We wish you the best of luck with reworking this piece, Kerry, and with your writing career more generally.

All the best
the harvest team
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Elwood, Victoria 3184
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