Friday, 11 June 2010


M E D I A R E L E A S E Check this out. I have joined and you never know when you may need a bit of networking, promoting and help. Writers Unite
Melbourne, June 2010
For Immediate Release

Launch of AUTHORS AUSTRALIA Inc. – a new society of writers!
A new society of authors has been created in Melbourne, AUTHORS AUSTRALIA Inc, which is a group of activists dedicated to finding retail opportunities for their members’ publications, plus other venues, for furthering the sales of their books.
From the newly emerging popularity of readers for ebooks to the wholesale distribution and into retail book stores, this active group is honing its skills to advance the cause of its members.
AUTHORS AUSTRALIA is a not-for-profit organisation and no membership fee applies. Financial support is being sought in the form of donations, sponsorships and other fundings, where available. Any expenses in the course of its activities will be carried by the authors on a case-by-case basis.
Its president Dan Stoy confidently predicts: ’Beside writing books in all formats, our members will be equipped with all the knowledge necessary in today’s world to succeed as an author and publisher!’
There is an extensive database available, plus additional assistance for each member and new technologies in retail selling and sales promotions will be deployed.
The organisation’s secretary, Peter Frederick, emphasises the need of authors for mutual support, motivation and active participation in various campaigns.
The entire group of authors cover every genre of literary publications, from romantic novels, biographies, thrillers to poetry and short stories to advertising copywriting.
New members are warmly welcomed and will be strongly supported in their aspirations, be it their first book or another masterpiece of Australian literature. The only requirement is active participation and a sense of humour!
Enquiries of any kind should be directed to AUTHORS AUSTRALIA’s secretary, Peter Frederick, email:
AUTHORS AUSTRALIA has made a humble start and the road to achievement and prominence in literary circles may be a long one, but this group is on its way!

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