Sunday, 25 July 2010


I received this rejection for the same piece I sent to funny women. and they said the same thing. Love the last line. So I might revamp and give it a go elsewhere.
Good to know I'm not a total failure. But I think it is hard as an Australian to write humour for the American market. I read all there submissions and I can see the technical side and what they call humour, but I was brought up on an
English diet of comedy and the US is a different mindset.
anyway try your luck on the big Jewel and the never know. I will keep plugging away.

Just click on the title to take you to THE BIG JEWEL site.

Hey Kerry,

Thanks for letting us see this. The premise is not bad, and the ending is really very good. But I feel it is pretty clunky and light on laughs until that last line. So we are going to pass.

Better luck next time.


Kurt Luchs

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