Thursday, 16 June 2011

How to publish an E book

I have been through the process of self publishing an E book. I chose smashwords and quite soon realized I needed to learn a few things. So Smashwords have an excellent step by step guide. And I mean step by step. I had the instructions open and my document open and when they said to do something...I did it. In the process of formatting my manuscript I learnt quite a bit about a word document. Where all those hidden things are that make writing a much more enjoyable experience, even down to how to change the default for the font.
Formatting a book for the E market is I think an essential tool, no matter if you want to publish or not. I would recommend using Smashwords style guide and really you cannot go wrong. They explain where to find all the tools on your document etc. and what you should look for etc. All up it took me 4 hours from start to finish.
At the end when you upload the Smashwords widget tells you if you need to fix something. Then you have to go back to the original document and fix it and then upload it again. I missed one dot in the dot com and that was it.
If you ever wanted to get the most out a the word document tool bar this instruction book is invaluable. They talk about tools I never knew existed, but now I use all the time.
click on the title of this post to take you there. Upload the guide yourself and get started.

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