Sunday, 7 August 2011

Definition of thriller

If you were ever thinking of writing a thriller, these boxes should be ticked.

Thriller novels have
villains, suspense, and action in settings such as espionage, medicine, crime, politics, and high tech, to name a few. They often involve life and death situations and have high stakes, like the control of the world or the possibility of widespread death or destruction. Many times innocent people are victimized, stalked, or caught in situations that are beyond their control. They have to overcome obstacles, either alone or with a small group of people, and stop some catastrophe from happening. Usually, thrillers have a happy ending.

What makes a novel a thriller is not just the situations and the things that can or may happen to the characters, but the way the plot is written. A skillful author can excite, surprise, worry, and influence your emotions in many ways. He can keep you on your toes and engaged with nonstop action, plot twists, and a fast pace.

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