Friday, 18 November 2011

Random House Storycuts

Random House Short Stories go digital. Click here for the reading experience of a lifetime.

Now reading had finally entered the digital age and re created the magazines of old. In them good 'ol days you could buy a magazine to get a short story or a serial. They were accessible, non genre specific and written by some of the best authors of the day. Dickens, P.G. Wodehouse, R Benchley, Dorothy Parker, and more. So now Random House has come up with the goods and you can purchase for just over 1 Pound a short story by a good may great authors. Grisham, Rendell, Forsyth,childs and so on.
It is a step in the digital direction. It is giving the public the quick fix they want. It is affordable, accessible and intelligent.  The steps to buy are easy and with all the formats available it is a quick short story fix.
They even let you buy from other places so if you have an Amazon account then shoot over that way to get your story.
I hope all the other publishing houses take heed. This is the future. Now for serialized books in E format...wait for the next exciting episode.

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