Monday, 12 December 2011

Editors are Evil


I think I would be better off joining the circus.

I’ve been bending over backwards.
I’ve been tongue tied, tripped up, told to get knotted, then told to loosen up.
I’ve been left in the lurch, then left out of the loop, and left in the cold.
I started off on the wrong foot, put my foot in my mouth, and been verbalized about verbs.
I’ve been given the flick, told to cool it, then heat it up a bit.
I have to quicken my pace, then slow it down, given direction, then told to get lost.
I had to cut it out, add a bit, shorten it lengthen it, give it a twist in the tail.
I was told to forget it, then remember that, to look it up then get it down, while scraping the bottom of the barrel.
I’ve been old hat, hot news, and been there and done that.
I was told to run with it, then rein it in.
To give it a bit of colour, then tone it down.
I was told to shoot through, and was shot down, then given a shot in the arm all in one day.
I was given a leg up, then knocked back, a helping hand and then a stab in the back.

Some one said I would eat my words, “As long as I have the last one,” I said.

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