Sunday, 5 February 2012

What was that again...?

There will come a time when the writer has, just has, to write a sound.

Arggggh I hear you say... well how is that spelt. Phonetics is a tricky thing. We are so used to getting it right that when we must get it to sound right it looks  'funny'.
here is a list of ...well sounds.

Arrggggh,  it can be shortened or lengthened. Imagine you have just one screw left to finish putting the numbers on the house. A job well done you might say as you put the last one in and stand back and admire the handywork. But what's this. It's not straight. Arrgggh.

Phhhhffff.  This is the if.  "Oh Mr. Swindon," Mrs Waterstone began, "I hear you are making money in the financial crisis." "Phhhhfff," was his only reply.

Aawwww.  As the crowd watched in awe the clown slid down the poll only to find the soft pillow for his landing had been replaced by a wheelbarrow handle. Aawwww. Of course if you are Scottish then it would be Arrrrww.

Phew. A close call. Rodney looked into her eyes and shifted uneasily on the car seat as she lent in to kiss him goodbye. "I think it is over?" she said. "Phew," Rodney said as he drove away.

Oooo. This can be used for a variety of situations. "Oooo, that's a big one Mr Philips." "Oooo, I think you should have that seen to by a professional." and "Ooo I wasn't expecting that."

There are other words like
Jeeeeez, Gawd, What the and others, but the impact is not the same as the sound.
when you need to write that definitive scene refer to this ready reckoner and you can't go wrong, Phhhfff.

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  1. All I can say about that post is sheeeesh!.

  2. Mmmmmm, thanks for that. Carry on the good work Christopher.


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