Saturday, 2 June 2012

chuffed books anthology.

http://www.chuffedbuffbooks I have just been named in a list of authors for chuffed books anthology. 

You, Me & a Bit of We: A Celebration of Writing in First and Second Person

Congratulations to the following list of writers (arranged alphabetically by surname) whose stories will make up the ‘You, Me & a Bit of We’ anthology.  Final selections were difficult as we had a high number of submissions that covered a broad range of themes.  We were very impressed with the quality of work and would like to thank everyone who submitted.
Lilly by Hettie Ashwin
Lost to the Rising Tide by Kim Bannerman
The Second Coming by Cath Barton
That Loving Feeling by Sharon Birch
Crisis of Personality by Miki Bryne
Sidewalk Shouting by Walter Campbell
Don’t Break My Heart by Charlotte Comley
At the Edge of the Mattress by Annemaria Cooper
Gonnagetya by Meriah L. Crawford
The Old Man and the Aristocrat by Christopher Cumo
Toxoplasme by Stefanie Dao
You Weren’t Heavy by Laura Dunkeyson
Incendiary Device by Jacob Edwards
Epidermis by Kurt Bachard
Odds by Sarah Evans
The Bedroom Mirror by Anne Fox
The Bridge over the River Illias by Robert Lee Frazier
Your Final Engagement by Martin Gamble
Your Famous Pink Raincoat by Susan F. Giles
To Light a Candle by Heidi Gilhooly
A House for the Wazungu by Anne Goodwin
The Marathon to Perfection by Margaret Gracie
The End of the Line by Cathryn Grant
Last Funeral but Two by E. A. M. Harris
Our Relationship with Thieves by Kati Hendry
When the Wind Changes by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt
A Hospital in Latin America by Julia Hones
Got You by Amy Hulsey
Blood Song by Alexis A. Hunter
Pony Harris by Tanya Jacob
Free to Loving Home (Donation Required) by Michelle Ann King
Send to Adam’s Mother (She May Want It) by Maude Larke
‘Til Death by Meg Laverick
True Love by Diane Lefer
Home Strange Home by Diandra Linnemann
Meant to Be by Ben Murray
The Garden Swing by Monika Pant
Birdfeed by Emma Phillips
I Have God to Thank for Everything by Barry Pomeroy
Invisible Dirt by Zena Shapter
The Crowning by Jay R. Thurston
A Galilean Quartet by Abigail Wyatt
Ava, Leigh, Sarah, Minnie, Annie and Me by Zarina Zabrisky

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