Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Mask of Deceit Review


Mask of Deceit is a good read. A bit slow starting but as the pace steps up it becomes a real page turner. 

 In my opinion the mark of a good book is one that leaves you as the old adage goes; ‘wanting more’. 

Hettie Ashwin has created an interesting cast of characters each of who play out their roles in this chilling futuristic world.  Brainwashed, good citizen Anton is forced to come face to face with the harsh realisation that his view of the world has been skewed out of all proportion.  But that is the only world he knows. To step outside the barriers is almost beyond comprehension. Anton sets out to find his lost love and in his search for Buloke he uncovers greed and corruption hiding behind the guise of false ideology.   He faces his own demons  when he has to decide whether killing another human being for whatever reason can be morally justified. The ending itself is a hook. What now?

Lori Hurst President Writers in Townsville.

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