Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Reluctant Messiah ~ novel by Christmas

I have found the only disciplined way to write for me is to guarantee to write 1000 words a night.

 I have all the chapters mapped out and as I write I put the outline  for the particular chapter under the work in progress. When I have written the scene I delete the outline. That way I know where I am heading. 
It doesn't always turn out that way but I never have the feeling that I don't know what to write, because my goal is there underneath.

ie..reporter goes into the back yard and tells Roger about her burning ambition... to be a writer. Also her other motive to bring James down..smokes? Roger now has important information to tell James...beware

So now my work in progress...The reluctant Messiah is 16,000 words. Tomorrow is the beginning of chapter 6.

I'm aiming for 70k which should be the second week of December. Allowing for days off I think Christmas will work out fine.

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