Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Reluctant Messiah ~ novel by Christmas promo critique.

Here is the critique I received for my book pitch which came in the top ten.

Congratulations, again for making it into the top ten of the Pitch Your Book Australia Competition!
This year’s publisher, PanteraPress has kindly given feedback on each of the pitches. Please see the publisher’s comments about your pitch below:

The Reluctant Messiah:
This presentation was a great combination of voice over, musical track and images. It all worked well and was very complimentary. I think this video would make a great promotion for the book, not just a pitch.
The book concept itself was a very clever concept. This is quite a humorous take and it would be great to get an idea if the humour comes through in the writing of the book or if it is just the idea.

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