Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Reluctant Messiah, novel by Christmas, getting ready for the pay off.

When writing a humorous novel there is no fun if there isn't a pay off. So I'm on schedule at 45,000 words and all the threads are coming together.
People who have had chapters to themselves are now interacting, little hints are growing bigger so that when the payoff comes we are ready and the suspense is building as we get closer to everyone's goals.

If the book didn't have the set up for the joke/fall then there would be no need to call it humorous.
This time around I'm playing with language a lot more and my stock in trade ~ the long sentence.

All of the above doesn't just happen, but had been planned out chapter by chapter. I find it is the only way to keep track of what is going to happen. The dialogue is seat of my pants writing, but I KNOW why they need to say what they say.

At the end everyone's a winner, as it should be with a lighthearted humorous novel. I just hope the publisher sees it the same way.

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