Monday, 12 May 2014

A Shilling on the Bar

A good read. Fact and fiction joined together with a potted history. 
Who said short stories are dead or dying. 

The photograph I held showed a rather fine fellow. His crowning feature was a large moustache expertly groomed. His clothes and his piercing eyes all spoke of one who commanded attention. The signature on the back of the photograph read,

 Trododniak Weatherness.
If this was by his own hand he was a master of elegant penmanship. The casual even stokes showed someone who had not only skill, but execution. I once again looked at the likeness, then turned my attention to the papers which were accompanying the photograph in an old box. They were in no particular order but were bound by a ribbon of the legal variety.

I opened the bundle and removed a protective sheet of paper to reveal the title.

A Shilling on the Bar. 
Collected Stories
T. Weatherness.

Here I began to read.

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