Monday, 2 February 2015

The fourth wall. or what.

In my new work in progress The Truffle War I use the device called the DIRECT ADDRESS.

. It is an acknowledgement of a person, whether a character or the audience. It can occur in dialog, narration, or letters.

In the theatre the fourth wall is when the actor breaks off the action and talks to the audience. 

Some say the direct address takes you out of the story, but in humour it seems to work. I have not  used this device before in my novels to
such a degree. 

The Direct address is a tricky one and I am careful about how I use it, but I think it will work. What do you think?
Here is an example :

The drive into town was a wet and windy one. The dogs had elected to come into the cab with Mona and if ever you have been in the car with a wet dog you will know how quickly Mona wanted to get out into the fresh air. She parked at the supermarket car park bright and early and walked to the only electronic gizmo shop in town.
You know, the sort that sell just about every geegaw and gadget that you never knew existed and once seen, you just know your life won’t be complete without one and while you’re at it throw one in for my cousin.
Falon’s electronics went in for geegaws in a big way. They had battery powered fly catches. Fans that attached to your hat. Solar panels that attached to just about anything and world radios that were made in some out of the world place and couldn’t pick up lint, never mind a radio station. Mona walked inside and a pimply youth came over,

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