Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Judging a book by its cover

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I make my own covers. Here is what I have found when people purchase my books. 
First, FAT BITS is about the humorous side of sex. People are scared of sex. I have had some people physically recoil when I say the book is the funny side of sex. Some confide that they never have sex, and others tell me there isn't a funny side. The psychology of this is complex, but I think it comes down to people feeling connected to me and having a special relationship because we are sharing an intimate moment.  They also touch me. Hold my arm, Pat me on the back, grab my elbow. They seem to think we are friends. What it is...is sharing the moment. I try to make them feel like they are the only person on the planet I want to speak to at that moment and they respond. People are very willing to be 'in the game' when I sell my books. I have read extensively about the art of selling and it works. You need to engage your audience. You need to be genuine. Heck, I will talk to anyone, even if I can tell they are not going to convert to a sale. . . and I can tell pretty quick if they are going to buy. FAT BITS also gets a lot of furtive behaviour. Some people want it. They want it so bad and yet they will not engage with the book. They look at me, every other book on the table, the floor, the sky and only when I put them out of their misery and physically hand them the book do they sort of relax. I also lean in and whisper to them like we are sharing a secret and then they relax and buy the book. One woman said she never has sex. Another said she was single and so hadn't had sex. A man said their isn't a funny side to sex and then looked over to see if he wife heard him. Sex is a very emotive issue. The books cover is revealing in the human experience. People, women mainly identify with the title. 
That's me. I'm fat. That's my book, my life, my body they say. Rarely do they say, That looks like fun. I always give them permission to explore what fat bits really means to the book, to them, to their feelings and they relax. Having said all this, the book is selling extremely well. 

This book gives a different experience. The symbol is such a draw card. I have had people throw it on the ground, hit it, tell me it is disguising and yet...they don't know what it is about, when it is set or anything about it.
When I explain it is set in the riots of 2007 some dont listen, they have already made up their mind that it will be all bad. A terrible experience for all and want nothing to do with it.
Others are fascinated by it. They are drawn to the dangerous element in the cover and feel like they are mavericks just picking the book up. German people have a fear, a dread about it. They are fascinated also, but afraid. Their society is stifling when it come to the swastika. It is forbidden on books other than text books. It is something that is kept in the dark...the dark past.
The symbol carries a lot of weight.

In conclusion, the cover is vital to make a quick point. It can carry the story. It will always attract and distract. You cannot please all the people all the time, but to start the conversation is the thing the cover can do.

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