Monday, 3 April 2017

Claude and his Amilcar

while walking to the shops we met Claude. He was a very interesting fellow and not just because of his car.

Once he knew we were Australian his English came out and he said he had been to Brisbane in 1965. Those were the days when he could just come to Australia and do what he wanted without visa problems, immigration worries and just have fun. Which he did, learning English in the bed of his many girlfriends no doubt.

He has restored his 1921 Amilcar which were made in St Denis, Paris and was proud of the achievement. It is in the racing Blue of France...Italy have Red and England -Green.  We were amazed that Claude was 78 years old, but as he told us,
"I have never worked in my life, so I don't have the worry."  He is a painter, an 'artist' and lives in a very old house. When people in France say 'very' old they usually mean around 200-300 years old.

Claude was a treat to talk to and a gentleman of the highest order. We hope to see him again...and maybe see his paintings.

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