Friday, 7 July 2017

what to write and when

I always have more ideas than time to write them. But there comes a time when you are researching a book and you still want to be creative. This is when I write another book that has been nagging me for a while. I also find that if I get the cover sorted early it sets the book in my mind. I can change it around later, but talking about it, sharing it on social media having something to show makes the project a concrete thing. Psyco -babble maybe, but it works for me.
So this is how it pans out.
I'm researching my speculative fiction Pi. A trilogy...something I have always wanted to write.
At the equinox the planet received a call from 3.14159265359. What the message contained would be the end or the beginning. You make the call. You decide.
 Then I was tinkering with Il est Mort. A comedy. I have this one all plotted and ready to go with 20k good words down. I think this one has great potential, but I felt I needed a break from it because I just couldn't get the humour quite right...after all it needs to be funny. Real LOL funny and it was only mildly chuckly if you know what I mean. I have stepped away and I'm thinking on it and it will all fall into place. I think I know what I need to do and will come back to it with a fresh eye.

Crispin Stitt is suffering. He needs to take control of his life, but when his editor hates him, his publisher won't talk to him and his wife wished he was dead, pinning his hopes for a happy life on his latest manuscript is optimism in the extreme. 

So I started this one. It is just the ticket to keep me entertained while I write. This one is zippy and set in England, which suits my humour down to the ground. I am on the boil with this one.

When the 46th in line to the throne of England is popping by to congratulate Winnie Pollock on reaching 100, the village of Beetling Down goes all out for his light supper. But with the rivalry of the Tripe club -v- the Trotter Epicureans for catering, there is more to the story than a silver condiment set

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