Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Murder! Mayhem! and lesser cuts of meat ..taster

The boys tramped across the field, over the Alsop stile and then down the muddy lane to the manor and stood to admire the turret.
“Do ya think she’s a witch Harry?”
“Nah. If she was a witch she’d have a black cat.”

I wouldn’t be an author if I didn’t put a black cat strolling past the boys at this point.

“Jeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzus.” Stan Jr stuck a little closer to his big brother.
“Co-incidence.” Harry said trying to convince himself.
The lads trotted up to the front door and tried to peer in through the dirty window.
“No-one’s home. Lets go.” Stan Jr said and tugged on his brother’s arm.
“Let’s knock.”
Harry lifted the ornate knocker when there was a bellow from inside the house and the boys turned to run bumping into each other and dropping their parcels.
“Eh.” Ol’ Pol opened the door to two wide eyed lads. “What do you want?”

Harry peeled his little brother off his back and picked up the meat packets.
"We are doing good deeds." Harry said as Stan Jr tried not to swallow his tongue.

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