Friday, 17 January 2014

Mr Tripp buys a lifestyle

Now available in paperback from Createspace

ᴥ He who would go to sea for pleasure,
would go to hell for a pastime ᴥ
French Proverb.


What does boat stand for? Bring On Another Thousand...

Colin and Vivian Tripp buy a 'bargain' cement boat called Moonlighting with a romantic idea of the sea. Balmy nights, sundowners on the deck, midnight swims in tropical waters around North Queensland, it all seems so romantic.

What they get is a bucket load of troubles, a myriad of mishaps - plus some fun.

From the intricacies of anchoring to taming sea sickness, they weather the storms to eventually find a joie de vivre, albeit with the aid of an assortment of characters, who all seem to be experts about something.

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