Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Kindle version of Barney's Test.

Barney's Test this is the link to buy for your Kindle at 
A romantic comedy with a little cricket thrown in.

Who would have thought a high school sweetheart could turn Barney Vokes, a hopeless romantic and cricket fanatics life upside down.
Joan Brenton, recently separated, comes back to the wheat belt town of Wallaroy and Barney has the idea he can rekindle his love. It is a one sided thought as Joan is keeping her options open.

Barney's love life is complicated by his best friend's wife, Angela Zamaris who sees herself as a matchmaker. She has plenty of cousins. Rosa Zupola, from Sydney is a likely candidate.

While trying to fend off Angela's cousin and hook up with Joan, Barney ends up being a loser. Rosa and Joan think it is practically tattooed on his forehead.
But for Barney his luck is about to change. He wins a trip to Sydney for the last round of a cricket competition. Hubris makes him invite Joan along in the hope of some horizontal hustle.

As the winner of the competition Barney's place in the match is assured Now itching to get between the sheets, Barney races to Joan's room only to find an ex husband beat him to the game. His heart is broken and the only thing to do now is play on in the charity match.
It turns out Barney is a sensation. He is a meme on the internet especially when he gets K.Oed by the ball and is out for the count for the rest of the match.
It is Rosa who comes to his side. It is Rosa who shares the moment with Barney and it is Rosa who sees Joan and her ex reunited in the first aid room.
With Barney's popularity on a high he now must choose his future and utters the words to Rosa that cement his love life,
"There is more to life than cricket."

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