Friday, 1 January 2016

FAT BITS Adult only *bits*

A bit of fun from FAT BITS my work in progress.

Some people need a bit of coaxing. Tom wasn’t one of those people.

He pulled at my plastic zip and my crop top practically fell off. I have never kissed a man with a beard, but the experience was very sensual. Tom caressed my breasts with his beard and kissed my boobs, burying his face in my cleavage. When he came up for air he threw himself on my lap and took my head in his hands and kissed me, using his tongue to maximum effect. He ran it over my lips, around my teeth, and played with my tongue until I could feel his erection in my lap.
“Oh, Evelyn.” He whispered. It was just a hop, skip and a jump to his bedroom. I surveyed the linen,(‘cause it is the mark of a man the way he keeps his linen,) and then we fell onto his bed.
“Do you, um…”
“Oh, of course.”
How considerate I thought as he rolled my lycra leggings off.
“Are you comfortable?” Tom grabbed a pillow and put it under my head. What a kind gesture. Here was a gentleman.
He stood up and took his trousers off and took the time to fold them and hang them over one of those valet chair thingos. Then he pulled off his t-shirt and did the same. Neat and tidy. I like that in a man.
I lay there on his bed and basked in his niceness when I caught him looking at my thighs.
“Are you ok?” He pointed to my legs.
“Yes. Just wonderful.” I said.
“No, I mean, look.” He pointed. I propped myself up and took a look at the sticking point in question. My inner thighs were an angry red. No wonder I was going for the burn. I had chafe that looked like a raspberry birthmark. Any more and I could have started a forest fire.
“Does it hurt?”
“I guess so.” I touched the inflamed spot.
“Do you want some cream?”
I could see our moment of passion disappearing, so I played down the rash.
“Nah. I’m ok. Happens all the time. Go for the burn they say.” I laughed it off.
Tom wasn’t too convinced with my act so I went into overdrive trying to be seductive.
“So, um, where were we?” I took off my bra and threw it with abandon on the floor. Tom thoughtfully picked it up and placed it on his chair.
“About here.” He lay next to me and kissed my nipples. It was enough to make them stand erect and before we knew it we were naked, Tom was on top of me, I had my legs wrapped around his torso and he was pumping away, going for the burn.
It was then that I turned my head to see Bonzo sitting on the floor, watching. Having a dog watch you making love is one of those moments that you are not likely to forget or one that you don’t want to repeat. It certainly put the dampeners on it for me. I tried to discreetly shoo him away, but he was glued like a porn movie addict.
“What’s the matter?” Tom could feel I was off the boil.
“Nothing. Really it’s nothing.” I grabbed his butt and pulled him in closer and bit his neck. He moaned, shuddered and it was all over red Rover, only it wasn’t Rover, it was Bonzo.

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